Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eureka Seven Final Thoughts  (Fan made Trailer)

General Summary:

Renton Thurston is a fourteen year boy growing up in a very dull place called Bell Forest. Renton is the son of Adrock Thurston a researcher for the military who died in a testing accident, saving the world when Renton was very young. With little to do in his small town Renton takes up a sport called Lifting. One of his role models is a legendary lifter named Holland. Holland is the leader of the renegade group Gekkostate. One day a member of the Gekko by the name of Eureka crashes her mech into his room. The world as he knows it is forever turned upside down.

Why You Should Watch:

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who loves a romance story with a nice touch of action. Although the world is completely different from ours Dai Sato and the rest of the team made it extremely easy to develop a deep connection with most of the characters. With each episode you see each character slowly grow as if you where aboard the Gekko with them. The sound track is awesome with works from Supercar, Bivattchee, Flow, Denki Groove, and many others. If you haven't seen this series yet the first two episodes may bore you bit. At least that's the experience I had when I first saw it or introduced it to others but they are important. Also don't fret over Sub v.s Dub with this show the dialog pretty much stays the same. I have watched Euerka Seven about 10 times half Subbed and half Dubbed.

Final Thoughts:

I have not fully read the manga so I can't tell you witch is better but the anime does have a completely different approach to the story. The same with the movie and Eureka Seven Ao (will cover another day).
With that being said the anime alone is awesome. It does get a little confusing here and there but other than that I have no complaints! Besides the fact that the "sequel" Ao isn't really clear on what was kept from the original story and what got the boot (If you have seen Eureka Seven take a look at Ao episode 0 - New Order to understand what I mean). Watching Eureka with others no matter if they didn't like anime or didn't like the genre, everyone pretty much reacted the same to the show.

Psalms of Planets EUREKA SEVEN
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Mecha
Weitten by - Dai Sato
Studio - Bones
Licensed by Bandai

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