Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gurren Lagann (by DW)

General Summary:

An inspiring tail of a what if story of the future of what could be to come .Where beast like humans who call them self’s beastmen  who rule the surface keeping all human’s below the surface in desolate wastelands . But there is a courageous human who dreams of a life on the surface his name is Kamina .He will not let anything deter him from his dream of surface life so he creates a group of people to help him made of both surface dwellers and ditch people .Simon the kid of the group is a digger of his village ,its said that digging helps to expand the village. While digging one day Simon finds an artifact that is going to change his life forever he just didn’t know it yet .  Kamina being the courageous man he is wants Simon to believe in himself so he can become a man.

My Thoughts

Gurren Lagann a series I enjoyed from start to finish without a dull or slow moment .When there is a dull moment it quickly cuts back to more action in a different scene to explain the plot more. There was nothing I found unclear about this when I was done watching this saga

Watch if you like:

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mecha

Written By: Kazuki Nakashima

Studio: Gainax
Licensed By: Bandai

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