Wednesday, November 28, 2012

K (K TV series, Project K) First Impressions.

General Summary

So the show takes place in Japan where a group of different gangs represented by color have very destructive powers. So far the origins of the different gangs and abilities are unknown. The main character Yashiro Isana who seems like a free spirited high school student until, two of the gangs are looking for him. A member of HOMRA (red gang) was murdered and the killer, claiming to be the Colorless King, looks very identical to Yashiro and it’s unclear if he is innocent or guilty. Keep in mind the event was caught on film. To make things worse a modern samurai by the name of Kuroh Yatogami was giving the task of  finding the Colorless King and to slay him if he was deemed evil.

My Thoughts

So far I am happy with the show. There’s enough action (so far) so don’t worry about the show moving too slow. The character development was done perfectly, although the series is only on episode 8. You will encounter a lot of the cast quickly but each character stands out. There’s some humor and suspense but each episode has been important to the story (thus far). Some of the music has a nice Nujabes feel to it which is awesome.

Watch if you like:
Action, Supernatural,  Mystery  

Created by GoRA
Produced by studio GoHands
Licensed by Viz