Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Highschool of the Dead Final Thoughts

Fan made trailer

General Summary:

This show follows a group of high school students, a nurse and a young girl as they try to find a safe haven from a sudden zombie out break. At first everything seems unreal but when the school is quickly over run some struggle to adjust to the new reality and others reluctantly grasp it.

My thoughts:

A lot of people people are turned off by the sexual content in the show but if you can get pass that you will enjoy it. A lot of the events of the show really make you think about what life would be like at the start of a zombie out break. This show has everything from action to drama and from comedy to psychological!

[AnimeCon 2011] Highschool of the Dead Game
Awesome Fan Made Video

Watch if you like:
Horror, Action, Comedy

Written by: Diasuke Sato
Studio: Madhouse
Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks

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