Monday, December 10, 2012

FLCL - Final Thoughts

General Summary:

Naota is you average 12 year old boy living with his father and grandfather in the city of Mabase. Life is turned up side down when the "Vespa Woman" Haruko crashes in him with her scooter and then bashes him in the skull with a guitar. Each time Haruko hits Naota strange machines from a strange company called Medical Mechanica escape from a portal created in his head.

Further into the Story and My Thoughts (Spoilers):

Haruko is using Naota in hopes to find the Pirate King, Atomsk. Although the plot is serious the show never takes its self seriously. The first time I saw the show I was honestly lost when it came to the plot, but the show was entertaining, the music was great, and the humor made this one of my favorite shows of all time. By the way I'm now a big Pillows fan. If you're looking for something short, action packed, surreal, with great music, this show is for you!

Watch If you Like:

Sci-Fi, Surreal Comedy, Slice of Life

Written by: Yoji Enokido
Studio: Gainax, Production I.G
Licensed by: Funimation

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