Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Girls Bravo - Final thoughts (by DW)

General Summary:

A story of a boy named Yukinuri who is very small and weak and highly allergic to girls. He lives across the street from his childhood friend who is secretly in love with him and can never find the right time to tell him. Although time maybe running out when a twist of fate puts Yukinuri on a different planet with a girl he is not allergic to named Miharu . Miharu comes from a planet that’s population is mostly women so is excited to see a man. He is about to find himself tangled in what can only be described as a love star.

My Thoughts:

Girls Bravo to me was a sexy deceptive thrill ride with many twist and turns and a plot that is a must see . Yukinuri is a lucky guy to have all these women all over him and yet he stays a gentlemen which kept me watching to see if he’d change.

Watch if you like:
Comedy, Harem

Written by: Akira Watanabe
Studio: AIC Spirits
Licensed by: Funimation

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