Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Air Gear - Final Thoughts (warning must read manga to finish)

General Summary:

A new fad by the name of 'Air Treks'(think of jet set radio) has swept the nation. Using their A-Ts many groups and gangs were formed to compete in various events. Ikki is a middle school boy who is the toughest street-fighting punk on the east side of town. Ikki lives with four sisters that took him in when he was a kid. Unknown to him they were a part of the most infamous A-T gang called Sleeping Forest.

My Thoughts:

I was a big Jet Set Radio fan and this anime embodied the game in music, style and spirit. But for you to finish the story you have to read the manga. Besides that I enjoyed the show.

Watch if you like:

Action, Comedy


Written by: Oh! great
Studio: Toei Animation
Licensed by: Funimation

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