Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eureka Seven Ao - Final Thoughts

Fan made video.
The song used is Rumina - DJ Whitesmith
I think it fits well with the OST used for the show. Awesome job Zolmation

General Summary:

Ao Fukai is a 13 year old boy living in the year 2025 in Okinawa with Dr. Toshio Fukai ever since Ao’s mother Eureka disappeared 10 years ago. One day a mysterious group called Generation Blue attacks the local Scub Coral changing Ao’s life forever.

My Thoughts *SPOILLERS*:
As an anime (not taking into account it’s suppose to be a sequel)-

Getting passed the confusing and slow start I did enjoy the show. The fighting scenes were well done, and the soundtrack the great. Towards the end I was hating how with each episode ending I wanted to find out more.

As a sequel-

To be honest as a sequel from the anime I didn't like the approach they took. It's like they forgot about the all the original characters. Then the constant time shifts, the fact the Eureka and Renton seemed very selfish to me. For example when Ao wanted to save his parents, Renton let him like everything was completely fine. I'm glad the show came out, and not taking into account the original anime I did enjoy it, but I would have preferred a movie or short OVA about what happened right after the events of the original series. But that's just my take on the series. I would like to know yours.

 Watch if You like:
 Adventure, Mecha


Written by: Sho Aikawa
Studio: Bones
Licensed by: Funimation

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